To accommodate our BTF (Born to Fly) participants' parent(s) query(ies) we have dedicated this page to hopefully answers all your questions accordingly to quicken the process of our communication to you.

  1. I have registered what now?

    BTF will collect registrations and contact you via email after we close registrations by early September. This email will contain further information.

  2. I am having trouble scanning in the consent form

    You can also take a photo with your phone. Please ensure signatures and child details are clear. If you still require assistance we would really really appreciate it if you could ask around your friends before contacting us, as we are run solely by volunteers who also work full time.

  3. I haven't been contacted yet.

    BTF will contact you via email after we close registrations by early September. However as we are run by volunteers this may not always be possible. Please be patient.

  4. I don't have the confirmation email and didn't bookmark the page...

    BTF will contact you via email by early September to let you know the status of your registration.

  5. What information do I need when I'm contacting BTF?

    Please have your registration ID ready.

  6. What will I need to bring to Born To Fly?

    We will be emailing out a ‘Welcome Pack’ that should contain all the information necessary.

  7. What happens if I did not received the Welcome Pack or Confirmation Email?

    As BTF is run by solely by volunteers, it will take some time to confirm all registration applications. In addition, we have a limited number of slots to accommodate the hall. We will send out an email to inform you if your application form has not been confirmed. We apologize if your child is unable to attend BTF for this year, but please do email us and we will put your email address in our email list to inform you of future events.

  8. How do I drop off and pick up form on the day of the event?

    You will be given a drop off and pick up form to sign on the day of the event. If you have misplaced the form, you will be ushered to our 'special desk' to refer to our database to sign in/out your kids. Please expect delays for this process as we have limited resources to attend to this.

  9. When is the earliest time I can drop of my child(ren)?

    8.15am (0815hr)

  10. When is the latest pick up time for my child(ren)?

    3pm (1500hr) on Thursday and Friday.
    12:30pm (1230hr) on Saturday.

  11. Is food provided this year?

    Food will be provided this year. Children who have food allergies are to pack and bring their own food. Please note that we do not have refrigerator space to store lunches.

  12. What if I bring additional guests to Born to fly Saturday's celebration due to my child(ren) participation?

    We cannot accommodate food or seating to your guest as we have limited resources. If you insist in doing so without having requested with special reasons without having had an approval in writing, you may create unfairness to other participant's parents/guardians which may result with your child being withdrawn from the program immediately.

  13. Is there available parking during the drop off/ pick up times and on Saturday's celebration day?

    The parking for this event is very limited. We strongly suggest you to park your car at Brandon Park Shopping plaza which is right opposite Ferntree gully Road.

  14. What if I need to pick my child up before the program’s scheduled end time?

    Please inform us via writing before the event so we can organize to give your child’s craft items to him/her in advance. If it is an emergency and we are not informed well in advance, we may not be able to accommodate a last minute service with returning craft items.

  15. What if I need to bring my toddlers pram during the Saturday presentation or wheelchair?

    We only have 10 spots allocated in the main hall for this and may not be able to meet your needs. Please note this is first come first serve basis as no reservation can be made for this.