Born To Fly is an inspiring community holiday program where positive values and leadership attribute are taught to Primary-age children. The program aims to inspire the children to develop to their full potential. These are taught to the children through a variety of creative and fun activities. These include puppet shows, skits, inspiring songs, crafts and games. Children are generously awarded for outstanding behaviours, participation and teachability throughout the program.

The name 'Born To Fly' was coined to illustrate the character traits that are much needed to succeed in the world today. It has been said by many that eagles are the rulers of the air, the most magnificent creatures of the sky. Character traits of eagles include speed, strength, power, majesty, dependability, courage, tenderness and faithfulness. We believe that every child has the potential to become an eagle in the community. We, at BornTo Fly, desire to prepare them for an outstanding future.


Hands of Hope is a not for profit organisation that seeks to serve the community and to reach out to those who are more needy. Hands of Hope is the community arm of Hope Christian Church Melbourne. All its initiatives are highly dependent on volunteers and donations.

By supporting Hands of Hope in the running of 'Born To Fly' Holiday Program this year, you are joining hands with other partners to help us build positive character in the children of Melbourne.


Armed with the belief that every child has the potential to become a soaring leader, the concept of Born to Fly was developed. This creatively crafted kids' holiday program would provide not only fun and excitement, but also an avenue to develop and expand their horizons.

BTF birthed in July 2005 where 50 children participated in a fun-filled education program. In response to the positive feedback from parents and children, we were further inspired to pursue this adventure of making a difference in the children.

The following year, BTF expanded with to an attendance of 120 children. The exciting adventure continued, word spread about the unique holiday program. In 2007, a total of 200 enthusiastic children departed the program with greater knowledge about responsibility, patience and gratefulness. The year 2007 also marked the establishment of the second Born To Fly program in Victoria, held in Frankston.

The next year, we endeavour to reach greater heights and 300 children were taken in. Eventually, we desire to extend BTF to become a program during the holiday seasons and throughout other councils in Victoria and interstate.